Pet Friends

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Every visit to a home with pets brings a different and unique experience, at first its the normal bark or look of a stranger on the property but the animals soon realize that Im a nice guy and we then become friends :)

Charcoal & Woody - Holland Lop
- Charcoal and Woody were so funny because they were loose in the yard while the homeowners were out of town and the Nanny did not know how to handle them. I was power washing the house and I would have to constantly go in and out of the gate, Id prefer that they be safe in their cage. Well the Nanny and I couldnt catch them and we didnt want to be too agressive as to scare or hurt them so we let them be. They behaved and I was able to complete the job with no problems.

Romeo - American Bully
- Romeo is such a stud and very playful, he is only 6 months old right now and I cant wait to see the adult version of himself. He comes from an AKC certified breeder on the North Shore but calls Kaimuki his home.

Vinny - Labradoodle
- Vinny is a Handsome 9yr old Labradoodle, crossbred of a Labrador Retriever and Miniature Toy poodle. He has offspring in the neighborhood, one of his sons live across the street and they go for walks together often.

Marshy- Maltese
- Marshy is short for Marshmello, one of the friendliest dogs in town.

Squid - Blue Great Dane
- Squid is the biggest of all my pet friends.

Sammy - Miniature Poodle
- Sammy is a miniature poodle and resides in east Oahu. I learned from Sammy that poodles do not shed fur. They have real hair :)

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