Pet Friends

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Every visit to a home with pets brings a different and unique experience, at first its the normal bark or look of a stranger on the property but the animals soon realize that Im a nice guy and we then become friends :)

Casey - Sheltie
- Casey is a 13yr old Sheltie with a really shy personality. I could not get her to look at me for longer then a second before she turned her head to the ground.

Sophie - Cockatiel
- Sophie had no problem warming up to me on my first visit as its owner said that she loves men, lol. Her wings are not clipped and enjoys free flight within her home.

Abby and Emma
- Abby on the left is a Norwich Terrier and her friend Emma is a Miniature Schnauzer.

Hoku - Husky
- Hoku is a 13 year old Husky who recently lost her life long playmate Max (German Shepard). Max was put down three months prior to this picture taken due to throat cancer and the whole house hold especially Hoku have taken it hard. RIP Max!.

Chico and George
- Chico on the left is a Welsh Corgi / Chihuahua mix and his friend George is a Mini Dotson Papillon.

Ginger - House Cat
- Ginger the house cat was very observant of me while I moved my way through out the home, I loved the attention.

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